Student Package Tracking Software

Student Package Tracking Software

traizr is a fully mobile and cloud based solution for your Student Package Tracking Software. Trusted by many Universities and facilities management companies, traizr logs all of your inbound parcels and mail items via the easy to use mobile application. Either you can upload a list of your possible recipients or use any of our connection options to automatically populate your user base to the admin back-end system and they will become searchable in the mobile application. 

When a mail item arrives, simply scan it in with the mobile application, choose the recipient and choose if the item is to be delivered or is ready for collection.

Once you have entered the mail item in to traizr, the intended recipient will be notified either by email or via the traizr recipient mobile application.

You can view all aspects of delivery statistics and audit information in the easy to use back-end admin interface. Here you can also add new devices, mailroom users and also customise the delivery reminder email text to suit your organisation.

Users/recipients can be added to the system via CSV, XLSX, XLS, XML & JSON files. We have even added simple downloadable examples for you to use. We also have several integration options to populate your recipient lists automatically which make traizr the student package tracking software of choice for many large businesses and universities. 


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We have also added native Barcode Scanning and OCR recognition to make booking mail in to the system even easier and faster than before.

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