Additional Features

Audit & Analyse Data

This fully cloud based solution gives you the ability to log in to the online admin interface and check the packages that are in the system.

Delivery statistics and audit information can be found in the easy to use interface. All user settings and information can be changed as necessary and delivery reminder email text can be tailored to suit your organisation.

Users/recipients can be added to the system via CSV, XLSX, XLS, XML & JSON files. We have even added simple downloadable examples for you to use.


QR Label Printing

Integrate an optional label printer into your work flow to ensure that packages are labeled with a secure QR code in order to scan them out to the final recipient.

The label will contain the recipient name, the tracking QR code and the amount of items to be delivered.

When an item is set for delivery or collection, first you can scan the QR on the package to recall the recipient and the amount of items.

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