Internal Mail Tracking

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Did you know . . . that parcels are only insured by the courier to the first point as they enter a building and not to the final recipient. if they are signed for at reception and get lost in the building, the courier will not compensate. Internal Mail Tracking can help with this.
Notify Recipient
traizr internal mail tracking will notify the final recipient the moment that the parcel enters the building. Te recipient will receive a secure QR code either via email or the notification app. They will need to show this for secure collection.
Internal Mail Tracking
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To collect / deliver an item, all you need to do is to use the traizr app to either scan the recipient QR code, get the recipient to sign for the item or you can even take a photo of where you left the parcel. traizr Internal Mail Tracking also audits when and how mail left your postroom.
Internal Mail Tracking
User Interface

The Home Screen

The easy to use interface has been tried and tested in busy mailroom environments. traizr links to a back-office, cloud based environment that has a record of all possible recipients in your organisation. Easy internal mail tracking . . .
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traizr - for your mailroom
User Interface

Adding Mail to the System

To add mail to the system is very easy. Simply look up the recipient in the app, choose if you are delivering the mail or if you are requesting collection and choose the delivery type - parcel, letter etc. Our Internal Mail Tracking does the rest.
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User Interface

Sign Out Mail Securely

Once the recipient is with you for collection, you have several options for securely releasing the mail. The recipient will have received a secure QR code that can be scanned, you could also ask for a signature or even take a photo of the recipient. All mail collection and delivery will be available for audit via the cloud back-office system.
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Easy to use
With the mailroom application, simply look up the recipient by name – the name is checked via the cloud server and a match is found.
Cloud Based
The server will take the recognised text, find a match to your recipient and send them out an email and a push notification to the recipient app.
GDPR Compliant
Compliant with GDPR regulation and data protection with secure server and SSL certificated admin system.
Secure collection
If you operate a collection policy, the recipient will be matched via the QR code that was sent to them via email and the recipient app – totally Secure.
Both the mailroom and recipient applications are available for android and iOS and are in the App Stores for easy download.
Premium Support
We have offices on mainland Europe and in the UK and are available for first line support and advice in English, Dutch, German and Italian.
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