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traizr will transform your internal mail tracking, internal package tracking & proof of delivery.

traizr Internal Mail and Parcel Tracking


Awesome Features

traizr is the new market leader in internal mail tracking software. traizr will enable you to track any mail or package that enters your building all the way to its final destination. With an easy-to-use interface and recipient phone applications, it has never been easier to let people know that their parcel has been delivered and needs collection or is out for internal delivery. Many businesses and universities rely on their post rooms and reception desks for internal parcel tracking, with traizr this process is not only an easy but a secure tool to notify of delivery.

Easy to use

With the mailroom application, simply look up the recipient by name – the name is checked via the cloud server and a match is found.

Cloud Based

The server will take the recognised text, find a match to your recipient and send them out an email and a push notification to the recipient app.

GDPR Compliant

Compliant with GDPR regulation and data protection with secure server and SSL certificated admin system

traizr lookup and delivery screens

Secure collection

If you operate a collection policy, the recipient will be matched via the QR code that was sent to them via email and the recipient app – totally Secure.


Both the mailroom and recipient applications are available for android and iOS and are in the App Stores for easy download

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Lookup and Reconcile
Using the mailroom application, simply look up the recipient by name – start typing and all possible recipients will automatically appear as the name is checked via the cloud server database.

Notification of Collection or Delivery
Once a successful match has been found, the recipient can be notified either via email or if they have the recipient iOS or android app installed, they will get an instant push notification.
Secure Delivery

You also have the option to deliver the mail item to the recipient. You can collect either a signature of the recipient or take a photo of the recipient or add notes to the delivery if required.

Secure Collection

The recipient will have received a QR code through the recipient app or via email. This can then be scanned before handing over the parcel. You can even attach a photo of the recipient as a further level of security.


Mail items
safely delivered

traizr parcel tracking application screens

Admin Web Interface with Audit and Statistics

This fully cloud based solution gives you the ability to log in to the online admin interface and check the packages that are in the system.

Delivery statistics and audit information can be found in the easy to use interface. All user settings and information can be changed as neccessary and delivery reminder email text can be tailored to suit your organisation.

Users/recipients can be added to the system via CSV, XLSX, XLS, XML & JSON files. We have even added simple downloadable examples for you to use.


QR Code Label Printing

Integrate an optional label printer into your work flow to ensure that packages are labeled with a secure QR code in order to scan them out to the final recipient.

The label will contain the recipient name, the tracking QR code and the amount of items to be delivered.

When an item is set for delivery or collection, first you can scan the QR on the package to recall the recipient and the amount of items.

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